The PBSASA Masterclass Series kicks off this week!

It’ll be a fascinating and rewarding journey through more than18 hours of pipe band learning covering a wide range of topics of interest to pipe band musicians, no matter what level or instrument. You can register for any or all of the sessions, and to help you decide, the full programme is available here.

This week, we’re extremely privileged to be crossing to Sydney and chatting to Dr Stephanie Burns PhD, whose books “Practice Strategies That Cause Musical Improvement” and “Strategies for Learning & Memorising New Tunes” are well known throughout the pipe band world. Her research into these subjects, combined with the insights of Jack Lee, Stuart Liddell, J. Reid Maxwell & Steven McWhirter, amongst others, will undoubtedly make a real difference to your path to improvement. There will also be a Q&A session, so you will have the opportunity to explore your personal challenges and curiosity.

We’ll also be taking a closer look at the foundation of our music and revisiting the basics of music theory. Whether you’re a piper or a drummer, the more confidence you have in this area, the better a musician you will be. This session will be led by our own Joshua Hogg. Josh has enormous pipe band experience, is a well known bandsman playing and teaching here in SA, and competes a Grade 1 level internationally. Josh holds a Bachelor of Music (Hons) degree and is one of South Africa’s most awarded solo pipers. This session – returning to the fundamental building blocks of music – is not to be missed!

Session One 10:00 – 10:20

Presenter: Joshua Hogg

  • Introduction to course
  • Outlines & expected outcomes
  • Q&A

Session Two 10:30 – 11:15

Suitable for beginners, & Adults wanting to brush up the basics
Music Theory Cross-pollination Part 1 (Suitable for all instruments)

Presenter: Joshua Hogg

  • Introduction to notes and note values
  • Simple vs compound time signature
  • Common Terminology
  • Piping Scale

Session Three 11:30 – 13:00

Suitable for all levels
“Practice Strategies for Musical Improvement” & “Strategies for Learning & Memorising New Tunes”

Presenter: Dr Stephanie Burns PhD – Author/Musician/Researcher/Lecturer/Academic

In this insightful and interactive session, our guest looks into practice for better results and discusses how learning and memorising new tunes need not be difficult or frustrating, regardless of age, or playing ability. It’s only hard if you have never been taught to do this effectively!

“There should be NO doubt in your mind that you CAN become a better player. As musicians mature in their playing abilities and begin to perform, many will maintain a genuine desire to continuously improve their playing skills. Indeed, they can see this as a life-long pursuit. But over time it seems their practice no longer leads to the changes they are striving for. Today, research has led to a much better understanding of the ways to practice that will lead to improvement and the ways that will not. Many players simply do not practice in a way that will cause fundamental changes in the skills related to higher-quality playing. In her book “Practice Strategies for Musical Improvement” Stephanie illuminates the path toward continuous improvements in the development of musical skills.”

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